FAQ | Chronicle


Why is this a thing?

Chronicle started because I noticed that most people (myself especially) are terrible at remembering what they did on a specific day in the past. But, with a few high-level reference points, most people start remembering a lot more about the specifics.

For example, the question, "what did you do 3 weeks ago Monday?", is not that easy to answer. But, if you have the reference points that on the day before you went for a pub quiz and on Tuesday you made fresh pasta, it becomes much easier to remember what you did on Monday.

Chronicle was created to store these reference points. Whenever you have time and remember, you can jot down some key things that happened that day or any day in the past.

Why are entries limited to 140 characters?

We encourage entries to be short and to the point. You shouldn't be writing paragraphs about a specific event, but rather writing that the event took place.

How do I export my journal?

There is an option to export your journal to Markdown and JSON formats at /profile.

Where can I give feedback and request features?

Feedback and feature requests are encouraged! Please tweet at or send a DM to @chronicle_ink on Twitter.

What data is being tracked?

Views to this website are recorded with Simple Analytics, a privacy focused alternative to Google Analytics. We do not track events or anything that you enter in your journal.

How do I delete my data

Head to /profile and there is an option for deleting all data in your journal. Careful though, this action is permanant.

Why is the domain .ink?

Mainly, because it was available. Good domains are hard to come by. If you think hard about it though, ink is used to write stuff down permanently, and that is (sort of) what Chronicle is about.

How is this made?

Chronicle is a NextJS application. If you do not have an account, the logs are stored locally in IndexedDB. If you have an account, the logs are stored in Cloud Firestore.