As you may notice from our cover, this issue includes some controversial topics. I think it is important to highlight these relevant happenings while they are heavily debated because, well, that’s news! In a Christ centered environment, we still have the responsibility to be aware of what is going on around us in the world. Looking away does not make problems disappear.

Like many people do, I have my own personal opinions. Although I like to think they are the best and most correct, it is necessary for me to respect what others think as well. Now, this does not mean I let others walk all over me with their (sometimes) misguided opinions. However, it does mean that I hear them out— even if I feel, in the depth of my core, that they are wrong.

Of course, there are moments that require action rather than conversation. There is only so much suffering people can endure before wrong thinking and actions require correcting. However, productive discourse starts with a willingness to listen (or, in this case, read).

As a newspaper, we are not here to start rebellion. Nevertheless, we are here to, as my high school science teacher used to say, “Observe and be curious.” We report and bring attention to details and situations that require some extra contemplation, especially if they affect the lives of people on this campus.

Our aim is not to tear down or “bash” certain ways of thinking. On the other hand, keep in mind that a school newspaper, run by students, already has a unique slant on life. Although I am all about helpful hints and constructive criticism, I am also not opposed to “lighting a fire” under certain topics, people or places who require some, shall we say, extra encouragement.

So, please think about the abovementioned comments as you read. As always, if you do have strong opinions—and are willing to write about them—please contact me at I have already had some interested individuals alert me that they want to write because they feel the need to share their voices. Be sure to watch for these special features.

As always, enjoy the read, and thank you for your continuing support.

Daniel Grigore, Editor-in-Chief

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