Greetings and salutation, friends. This will be the last issue of the Chronicle for Winter quarter. I hope everyone is successfully hustling down this last stretch before Dead Week and Finals (and Spring Break!!!).

As the weather begins to warm and Spring springs into being, I invite you all to take a just a couple seconds to breathe. Between busily bustling from class to class, notice the blue sky, the green trees, or the flowers beginning to appear. PUC is located in a prime area for stress relief and relaxation.

Unfortunately, school comes with deadlines and papers, clinicals and labs, all wrapped up into 10 weeks, plus Finals. Any student can reaffirm the notion that little time exists for enjoying the sights and sounds of nature, let alone extra time. Mental health takes second fiddle to grades.

Stress and various forms of depression are common occurrences among college students, even when the sun comes out. It is important to realize that both can be worsened by lack of sleep and exercise in addition to an unbalanced diet. With this in mind, what can you, the student, do to counteract some of the gnarly factors of student life? And with what time?

Reconsider my invitation to simply breathe for a few moments, outside. Enjoy the sun, the wind, the heat, whatever! It’s all free, I promise. And it does not take hours of outdoor experiences to make a big impact on your state of mind. Just a few simple moments of consciously enjoying your surroundings can make a big difference. Having walked miles around this campus in my five years of studenthood, I can confirm that any class has some form of nature on the way to it. Honestly, if you want to stand in front of tree outside of Irwin and watch a leaf flutter around, by all means, enjoy!

I know this may sound like a strange little blurb, but with only one quarter of the year left, it is a necessary reminder. Two quarters have whizzed by with countless hours of study included. We have dedicated our time to successfully being students (I hope), but we can forget to spend time on being ourselves.

Remember to take a moment whenever you can, and make a moment if you have to. Your well-being is worth it. Have a great rest of your week and I look forward to another quarter of bringing you news,
Daniel Grigore, Editor-in-Chief

P.S. If you feel like writing for the Chronicle next quarter, or next year, please contact me at, or Professor Thew. We are always happy to add dedicated writers to the team.