I had a very difficult time thinking of something to write this week. I sat and stared at my computer screen for a long time before realizing there is a subject that needs to be mentioned: succession of the Editor-in-Chief position of the Campus Chronicle. With elections right around the corner (yes, I know, it is only February!), the campus will be looking for a rightful heir to assume this prestigious position. I feel like I only just started here at the paper, but I look forward to benevolently guiding the next Editor on their way to success. They grow up so fast!

There is one slight problem: lack of interest. Last year, all SA candidates ran unopposed. Obviously, I did not mind needing more than 50 percent of “No” votes to be ousted from the position. Nevertheless, although we had one of the smallest voter turnouts in a long time, my “Yes” column far exceeded the “No’s” (I do recall about 10 individuals having qualms about my assuming the position. If they are still around, I invite to come check out my office space when they have a chance).

Even though joining SA requires some extra responsibility, it is a phenomenal opportunity to realize just how much you have left to learn. It has been an extremely humbling experience: I have never learned so much in such short periods of time (biweekly papers are busy). There exists a myriad
of unexpected learning curves, and when all of this
is over, I know that, at the very least, the quality of my apology emails will haven risen exponentially. All jesting aside, SA, especially the position of Editor-in-Chief, is highly recommended and if someone out there wants this job (and meets the requirements outlined in the SA handbook), go for it! Your news writing, people skills, time management, and even your emails will benefit. And plus, you will get the opportunity to work with me for a period of time! I personally think that is incentive enough, and as a totally unbiased source, you can definitely trust this opinion...

If you feel like writing for the Chronicle, please email me. Positions are always open and available for dedicated, hardworking individuals. Also, SA packets will soon be available at the Grind for all those eager beavers out there, just itching to get elected and serve their school.

I wish you all blessings as we reach the midpoint of
the quarter and school year.

Daniel Grigore, Editor-in-Chief

P.S. Though no one may have noticed the discrepancy in Issue and Volume numbers but me, to avoid further confusion, I am arbitrarily dubbing 2018 “Volume 95” of the Campus Chronicle. From henceforth, there shall be no more errors (ever, on anything). Who knows, maybe in 100 years, students at PUC will use this postscript as a reference in their research papers to explain why the numbers do not add up. One can dream.