By Alexis Lyers

Every year, PUC holds an open house for all the women’s dormitories. This is when all students get a chance to explore the different dorms and, for some, take a look at where they might want to live next school year. There is Winning Hall, the largest of all the female dormitories and often the one most seek out to live in; Andre Hall, the second largest female dormitory and newly remodeled is some areas; Graf Hall, where mainly freshman live; and finally, McReynolds Hall, the newest of all the female dormitories.

McReynolds Hall was built in 1981 and was originally intended for older students who wanted to get away from the noisiness of campus. As time has passed, McReynolds Hall deans have started admitting students of all ages who desire solitude.

Living in McReynolds, or “McReezys” as we call it up here, comes with many perks. For one, you have your own air-conditioner and you can use it whenever and however much you want. “Having air-conditioning in the room is great, especially after living in Graf Hall for two years, I really appreciate McReynolds’ air-conditioning,” says Athena Abary. Secondly, it’s peaceful, and talk about the ultimate place to nap. McReynolds is rarely filled with loud noise, which makes it the perfect place to study and sleep. “McReynolds is quiet and homey, it’s a good place to get off-campus, plus, you’re away from the stress of people,” says Daniela Scarpino. Thirdly, the long walk up the hill keeps you in shape. “The walk is a time to think, relax and reflect with yourself,” says Leya Helmer. I know what you are thinking, and let’s face it, most students will not move up to McReynolds because of the long, "dreadful" walk, (as some call it). But I am here to change your outlook on that. Just think, the walk is an easy way to burn off calories after eating at the cafeteria. It is also a super easy way to stay in shape. Instead of hitting the gym, one can simply walk those glorious steps on that marvelous path to McReynolds. Finally, when you reach the door, not only are you greeted by the friendliest desk workers in all of PUC, you also have an air conditioner waiting for you in your room to cool you off from your long day of school and exercise.

McReynolds Hall is a place of peace, a getaway from the stress that college can often bring. Those of us that live here love the tight-knit community that has formed. So, when spring quarter comes around and you are looking for the perfect dorm to live in next year, consider McReynolds Hall and all the peacefulness it will bring you.