By Megan Weems

Welcome back to PUC!

I want to share this year’s theme—”PUC Family”—with each of you and make sure that the student body realizes just how excited your elected SA members are about making this year more spectacular than any previous year.

Our goal is to create a family-like atmosphere where no student is forgotten, left out or unnoticed. You will be loved, accepted and supported. Some of the ways we plan to keep you connected to the campus as a whole are: offering Vespers that will keep your attention, encouraging Senate to “push the envelope” to make changes for the betterment of our campus, sustaining a Campus Chronicle that is relevant and informative, and showcasing videos that evoke thought and reflection regarding various aspects of college life.

We are proud to be your link between the student body and the administration, creating a campus that is cohesive in all aspects. Your involvement is essential to fulfill these goals. I challenge anyone reading to join in because we are all a part of the PUC Family. Let’s revive the Pioneer spirit that makes for an incredible year.

Megan Weems SA President