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Dear Campus Chronicle, I am a freshman at PUC and I’m excited to jump right into the college atmosphere since this is my first time being away from home. However, I am concerned about how I can maintain my spiritual life and not get caught up in other things. How can I keep a healthy spiritual life while still having fun in college?
-Religious and Ready

Dear Religious and Ready,
First of all, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to you as you begin your college journey at PUC. We hope you’ll enjoy our campus and vibrant sense of community over the next few years. Now to answer your question, PUC is one of the best places to stay spiritually active while in college. Similar to other Seventh-day Adventist affiliated schools, PUC requires all of its students to have a certain amount of worship credits and colloquy credits. Colloquy is an event similar to a church service generally held every other Thursday, and everyone at PUC is expected to attend it. Worship credits can be obtained through multiple ways, such as dorm worship, lifegroup meetings, vespers, and club-sponsored activities. All of that combined with PUC’s picturesque location surrounded by nature makes staying spiritual the least of your problems. Good luck with freshman year and make the best of your time at PUC!

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Dear Campus Chronicle, Last year I had a less than ideal roommate situation where my roommate and I didn’t get along and we had several arguments over the school year. Needless to say, we will not be rooming together again this year but I have opted for another random roomie this year. How can I get along with my roommate this year to prevent last year’s situation from happening again? In addition, what should I do if things get to the point where I have to move rooms/dorms?
-Paranoid Roomie

Dear Paranoid Roomie,
Your situation happens to many people more often than you think. Moving to college and having to suddenly share a small space with a complete stranger is no easy task and it requires a lot of understanding and compromise on both people’s parts. While getting along with the one or two people living with you in your shared room is hard enough, things get more complicated when you factor in your suitemates and/or your next door neighbors. It may seem tough now but it’s practice for living in the real world where you will end up living with people in a neighborhood from all walks of life. Here are some tips for you so you can maintain your sanity and keep order in your shared living space:

1.Be respectful of your roommate(s) and neighbors. This seems so obvious and simple yet so many people don’t do this! Respect is earned, not given and you can earn the respect of your neighbors by respecting them first. This includes obvious things such as not using their stuff or eating their food without permission and keeping your music quiet. It also includes other things such as giving them space if necessary or keeping shared areas clean after using them.

2.Set rules and boundaries if necessary. This is one of the first things that should be done with your roommate and suitemates to prevent any future disputes. Have a talk with them and see to it that these rules are enforced.

3.Keep your space clean. While you should definitely keep shared spaces such as bathrooms clean, it’s also polite to keep your own space tidy. No one wants to live with a slob and it’s unsurprisingly one of the biggest reasons roommates have arguments. By keeping your bed and desk clean, you’re doing both your roommate and yourself a favor.

4.Hang out with your roommate(s) every once in a while. It’s perfectly normal to not be close friends with your roommate and just peacefully coexist but if you have the opportunity to befriend them, then why not? If you’re not already friends with each other, plan a hangout with them every once in a while, whether it be on or off campus. It’ll be a great opportunity for both of you to get to know each other better while having fun. If a full fledged hangout still seems like too much of a stretch at this point in time, start by doing small things for your roommate such as asking about their day or surprising them with a souvenir from your trip. By starting with little things, you can eventually work your way up to becoming better friends.

5.Share your schedule with your roommate(s). This falls under being respectful and setting boundaries. By sharing your schedules with each other, you’ll have a better understanding of how each day will go for each of you. You’ll know when you can enter the room and have it to yourself and vice versa. Sharing schedules is a no-brainer when it comes to getting along with your roommate.

Hopefully these tips will help you to become a better roommate and have a better dorming experience this year. In the case that things escalate to a point where one of you has to move rooms/dorms, have a talk with your respective dean and see if the problem is fixable. Moving rooms/dorms and changing roommates is a normal thing and is necessary if you feel as if you’ll have a better living experience elsewhere with different people or a different dorm. Good luck with everything!

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