By Elise Moore

Does something feel different about Pacific Union College this quarter? Yes, the transition back to school can be an abrupt one and yes, there are a lot of new, young, excited faces on campus, but what about the returning students? This year, former student Rebecca Siebert (pronounced sigh-bert) joins us as our new women's dean of Winning Hall.

Originally from Banning, California, coming to PUC for college was not originally in Rebecca Evans’ (maiden name) plans, however, it was in her blood. Many family members attended PUC before her including her great-great grandmother who was part of the Healdsburg College before it became PUC. After making the journey up and spending some time on campus, she came to realize that she was right where she was meant to be.

While at PUC, Dean Siebert got involved as an RA in Winning Hall for three years alongside our very own, Dean Barnes, who is dean of Grainger Hall. During this time she cultivated strong spiritual friendships, something that has stuck with her ever since. It became more and more clear to Dean Siebert that God was calling her to be a dean. One of the influencing factors for Dean Siebert’s decision in becoming a dean is Professor Robertson, who is still at PUC today. Dean Siebert was eager to get a job as a college Dean, Professor James Robertson advised and assisted her in getting a job as an academy dean first.

Dean Siebert graduated from PUC in 2008 with a bachelor's degree in natural science, emphasis in physics. Upon leaving, Dean Siebert had a vision of returning some day to be a dean for Pacific Union College and with this dream in mind she set out to work as the assistant dean of Fletcher Academy in North Carolina. Dean Siebert spent 7 years deaning at Fletcher Academy where she also taught science, math, and bible. She then moved to Thunderbird Academy where she served as the chaplain for one year before returning to PUC.