Hello PUC!

My name is Gabrielle Dennis; I'm a senior health communication and pre-dentistry honors student, and the new Editor-in-Chief of Eventorum. Eventorum: Pacific Union College Journal of Current Events is still less than a year old, and as we start a new academic year I wanted to take this opportunity to share a bit about it before you enjoy the next article on the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte.

Eventorum is a student-written online journal of current events around the world that is sponsored by the Department of History. It includes articles written by students from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives (including three students studying abroad). Writers for Eventorum are interested in world news and want to share important issues and stories that they find. Each writer has a geographical specialty that they are familiar with or have a great interest in and because of this, the topics are diverse and reflect each writer's strengths. Articles contain current news items, historical perspectives, and contextual information that explain why the events that they describe matter today. We are always finding interesting stories that may not be found or headlined on your everyday news network or online news source.

This academic year, Eventorum and The Campus Chronicle are working together so that an article from Eventorum will appear in each digital issue of the Chronicle. We hope that each story will be an exciting and informative addition to your reading experience. In order to enjoy the full selection of articles and to read more analysis on current events you can visit our website at eventorumpuc.org. New articles will appear on a rolling basis, so make sure to check back often to keep up to date.

Welcome back,
Gabrielle Dennis
Editor-in-Chief, Eventorum

We are always looking for new writers! If you are interested in writing engaging, informative pieces for Eventorum, contact me at grdennis@puc.edu to submit a writing sample.