By Alexis Jackson

At Midnight Madness on Friday, September 30, 18-year-old freshman Corey “Fitz” Fitzgerald leads the men’s basketball team out, making a splash by performing a seemingly effortless dunk. Who is this guy?

Corey prefers to be called by his nickname Fitz, short for his last name. Fitz hails from New Carrolton, Maryland. He’s lived in many places throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. He comes from a big loving family: his mom Carla Thrower, his dad Clifton Fitzgerald, his stepdad Donald Thrower, and his stepmom Dee Fitzgerald. Also included are his many siblings: Tiara Thrower (26), Clifton Fitzgerald (23), Daniel El-Amin (21), and C’angelo Fitzgerald (12).

Fitz has been playing basketball ever since he could remember; he started playing competitively when he was 7. Growing up playing both football and basketball, the love of the game led Fitz to focus on basketball. He says basketball kept him out of trouble. In high school, Fitz didn’t make the varsity basketball team his freshman year, but when his coach saw him play in his first two games — scoring 27 in the first, and 37 in the second — he decided to move Fitz up to varsity.
Being from the area, the Washington Wizards are his favorite basketball team. But his favorite player of all time is Lebron James, and Fitz mimics his style of play after James. Fitz likes to get to the basket more than shooting and get the rest of the team involved on the court.

Fitz looks up to his mom the most. She also happened to be his high school principal. He aspires to be a hard worker just like his mom. Everything he does is for his mom so he can give back to her like she did for him.

Even though he led the men’s team out during midnight madness, Fitz says he’s here to learn. He looks up to the older players on the team, like Dev and B. Frank. He wants to learn as much as he can from his teammates so he can be a leader like them in the future. He recognizes that there is always something new to learn, but he wants to be able to lead in whatever role the team needs him to be.

Fitz says the team’s expectations for the year are to be the first team to win the conference; the team wants to hang up PUC’s first banner. He believes that the team has all the right pieces to accomplish that goal. Personally, Fitz wants to be the best freshmen in the conference and wants to receive the an award which is given to the best freshman of the year. Other players on the team say Fitz is a great addition to the team.

When he’s not playing basketball, you can find him down at the Grind playing table tennis. He also enjoys playing video games, golfing, and just hanging out with his friends. Fitz doesn’t have any hidden talents, but would like everyone to know that he’s exceptional at everything thing he does. Corey plans to use his communication, multimedia journalism degree to become a sports broadcasting analyst.

You can expect great things from Fitz this year on and off the court. Fitz is a great addition to our Pioneer family.